Monday, January 16, 2006

I've been awful about posting pictures since we came back from Italy in October. This little thing has been a little bit of a distraction. Tywyn (Welsh for cute puppy and pronounced Tao-in) and his 5 siblings were born October 2nd, just before we went away. Once we were back and as soon as they were old enough to receive company, we spent rather a lot of time at the breeder's house getting to know the schnuppers. It was hard to pick just one, but Tywyn seemed perfect for our house and for George and Emily. I arrived back from a weekend trip to Toronto to find Toby and Tywyn waiting for me at DCA - then Toby hopped on a plane to New Hampshire and left me at home with this small snuffling creature that wasn't a cat. We survived that first week, barely, and I'm slowly learning the ways of "The Beast" as Georege and Emmy have named him. We're most of the way through potty training and heading to puppy classes over the next few weeks to try and instill a few manners in his very smooth brain.

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